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Install Wordpress

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In this course you will learn to install Wordpress on your own server. As a Wordpress developer now for 10 years I've been frustrated by the lack of resources available to learn Wordpress development. Wordpress is actually pretty easy to learn, ... read more

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. PHP and MySQL are incredibly powerful open source technologies that allow people to create functional websites and apps that go ... read more

This course is an advanced TSQL Querying course. The course expects that student are already aware of basic database concepts and are comfortable writing basic TSQL queries like SELECT, JOINS etc. Students are expected to have taken my previous ... read more

Intro C#

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For direct low cost personalized online C# training with the instructor of this course, please email your request to This course starts with downloading and installing the free version of Visual Studio 2013 ... read more

CAUTION: If you know WordPress already, then this course is not for you!! Did you know that you can install WordPress on your personal computer for learning and testing purposes. The process of installing WordPress on your personal computer is ... read more

Internet Safety For Kids

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Behind the Course If you are one of the thousands of concerned parents searching for a reliable internet safety for kids course and you want your children to have secure online presence from very early age, or if you want your kids to get to ... read more

Want a simple way to accept payments online? Using Stripe is the perfect answer. Learn how to integrate Stripe seamlessly into your site, without a merchant account or gateway. Stripe handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and ... read more

Welcome to this course on Big Data's percolation into E-commerce: How Big Data in Cloud can be an added advantage. This course is targeted towards the tech enthusiasts who are willing to keep themselves updated in the technology space. At the ... read more

Computing is an important part of everyday life in the twenty-first century. From music and photos to banking and communicating, computers have changed the way we work and live. The first module of the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum, ... read more

Note: This is the ARABIC Version. For the English version, click here . The goal of Digital Literacy is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and ... read more

Microsoft Excel 2010

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Microsoft Excel 2010 is one of the most popular software applications worldwide and is part of the Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite. This free online course will help you switch to Excel 2010 from a previous version of the software, and ... read more